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        The back should be moderate in length, set in a straight line, strong, and should
        slope slightly from the withers. The chest should be well developed and deep
        with shoulders well laid back. Ribs well sprung and long. Abdomen firmly held;
        moderately tucked-up flank. The brisket should extend to the elbow.

        The Weimaraner standard
        clearly addresses depth

        of body, “the brisket should
        extend to the elbow,” and
        proportion of leg length,
        “forelegs…from the elbow
        to the ground approximately
        equaling the distance from the
        elbows to the top of the withers.”
        However, the Standard is vague
        with regard to body LENGTH
        which states only that the “…back
        is moderate in length.” Again,

        referring to the German’s emphasis
        on functionality, rather than physical
        uniformity, the height-length proportions
        of the breed, as well as substance,
        have always varied widely. In general
        the height-length proportions should convey the impression of pleasing balance that is
        confirmed by smooth coordination of the front and rear strides.” (Weimaraner Ways)

        He is slightly longer than tall, with a moderately long neck going into well laid back

        shoulders, straight, slightly sloping backline, confident tail carriage and well-angulated
        rear. His chest should be well developed and deep giving him plenty of lung room. His
        depth of chest carries well back with a firmly held abdomen and moderately tucked-up
        flank. The backline should be firm while standing or moving.

        While the Standard doesn’t specifically address neck structure, an arched neck is
        desirable as it is anatomically stronger. Strength is necessary to handle the pull of
        the shoulder blade muscles and to support the head while retrieving. A “ewe” neck
        is a neck in which the topline is concave rather than convex and is an anatomical

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