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Typical Male Weimaraner Heads

        To complete the picture of grace, style and nobility, the head should be pleasing with a

        kind, intelligent expression and be in proportion to the body. Males distinctly masculine,
        females distinctly feminine. The head should be equal in muzzle length and back skull

        The stop is moderate, but may give the impression of being deep due to the eyebrows
        which are prominent. There is an indentation or “median line” that runs the length of
        the back skull and stops at the somewhat prominent occipital bone. The trumpets,
        which are defined as the slight depression or hollow on either side of the skull just
        behind the orbit or eye socket (comparable to temples in man), give the head a
        chiseled appearance which adds to its attractiveness. The flews should be straight, not
        pendulous, and taper to the nostril. They should not give a snipey appearance.

        A scenting bird dog should carry his head proudly with the planes of his muzzle paral-
        lel to the ground, which should enable the free flow of air back to his nostrils. Although
        it is not mentioned in the standard, any good bird dog needs large nostrils to better
        enable him to scent birds. Adequate stop is required for the Weimaraner to see over
        the bird during a retrieve. The neck should be long enough for the dog to easily reach
        down and pick up game. It should not be overly long or short. The ears should be long,
        reaching almost to the nose when pulled along the side of the muzzle. They are set
        high when the dog is at attention and are rounded at the tips.

                                  Typical Female Weimaraner Heads

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