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        Moderately long and aristocratic, with moderate stop and slight median line
        extending back over the forehead. Rather prominent occipital bone and trumpets
        well set back, beginning at the back of the eye sockets. Measurement from the
        tip of nose to stop equals that from stop to occipital bone. The flews should be
        straight, delicate at the nostrils. Skin drawn tightly.

        •   Neck - clean-cut and moderately long

        •   Expression - kind, keen and intelligent
        •   Ears – Long and lobular, slightly folded and set high. The ear when drawn
            snugly alongside the jaw should end approximately 2 inches from the point of
            the nose.
        •   Eyes – In shades of light amber, gray or blue-gray, set well enough apart to
            indicate good disposition and intelligence. When dilated under excitement the
            eyes may appear almost black.
        •   Teeth - Well set, strong and even; well-developed and proportionate to jaw
            with correct scissors bite, the upper teeth protruding slightly over the lower
            teeth but not more than 1/16 of an inch. Complete dentition is greatly to be

        •   Nose - Gray
        •   Lips and Gums – Pinkish flesh shades

                                                                Occipital Bone


                                       50/50 *

                             Moderate Stop

                         * Measurement from tip of nose to stop =
                         measurement from stop to occipital bone

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